Customer Testimonials

Here are some recent testimonials from a few of our customers ...

"Thank you for helping me save so much on my home and auto insurance."
- Kate Peirson, Mesa, Arizona

" ... I cut my insurance premiums in half."
- Lisa Jahnke, Fairbanks, Alaska

"Just a quick thank you for your service. You found me 4 agents right here in Little Rock who competed for MY business. I am glad I found you guys!"
- Eric Inman, Little Rock, Arkansas

"I saved $500 on my insurance this year ..."
- Jamie Ackerman, Fresno, California

"I am so glad I found your site. I had been spending all of my time calling and calling agents, but you made the process A LOT easier."
- Paul Fortson, Broomfield, Colorado

"I got 4 quotes from agents right here in Bridgeport and I got to choose! Could not have been easier."
- Anna Danbury, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"My wife and I cut our insurance premiums nearly in half ..."
- Wayne Milford, Wilmington, Delaware

"Your site made finding affordable insurance so much easier."
- Hank Rymer, Boca Raton, Florida

"I saved over $500 on my insurance this year alone!"
- Melissa Cole, Columbus, Georgia

"I cut my insurance bills in half ..."
- Lisa Jorden, Boise, Idaho

"We saved $100 this month ..."
- Jeff Feeler, Springfield, Illinois

"Thanks for your excellent service and for helping this old guy find a great insurance agent."
- Leonard Francis, Evansville, Indiana

"We saved over $500 on our insurance ..."
- George and Sarah Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa

"I never knew it could be so easy to shop around for insurance. Thanks for all of your help."
- Mike Reese, Wichita, Kansas

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to shop for insurance. There is no telling how much you guys saved me."
- Max DeLong, Louisville, Kentucky

Just a quick thank you for your help in finding me a great insurance agent."
- Justin Kenner, New Orleans, Louisiana

" ... our family over $800 on our insurance this year!"
- Frank and Kelly Woods, Rockville, Maryland

"Thank you for making insurance shopping a painless process."
- Ellie Henderson, Boston, Massachusetts

" ... helped our family lower our insurance costs by over $700."
- Alex and Zoey Warren, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Thanks for helping me cut my car insurance premiums in half this year!"
- Sandra Yorn, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thank you so much for your service. It has made finding insurance easier than I could have imagined."
- Willis Sampson, Springfield, Missouri

"You made my day! Just wanted to thank you for making insurance shopping so simple."
- Richard Sparks, Las Vegas, Nevada

" ... we cut our home and auto insurance bill by 40%."
- Mark and Ashton Reading, Nashua, New Hampshire

"We saved over $350 on our insurance this year alone ..."
- Quentin and Elizabeth Hamilton, Trenton, New Jersey

"Who knew shopping for insurance could be this easy. I just wanted to thank you for making an otherwise stressful experience not so bad!"
- Matthew Hamilton, Las Cruces, New Mexico

"I never knew that insurance shopping could be so easy and fast."
- Morris Neiman, Albany, New York

"We just wanted to express our gratitude for helping me find insurance agents and helping me save a lot of money."
- Jack DiMarco, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank you for helping me to save almost $600 this year alone on my insurance."
- Courtney Martin, Akron, Ohio

"Thank you for helping me find affordable insurance here in Portland. Sure beats calling agents all day."
- Robert Morrison, Portland, Oregon

"WOW!  I could not believe how easy it was for me to get so many quotes.  I found 2 great agents who saved me over $1000 this year!"
- Sam Ellison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Four minutes is all it took for me to find an agent right here in Knoxville. I got to pick from 5 agents and just love having a local agent I can work with. Thanks guys!"
- Mary Anne Newman, Knoxville, Tennessee

"I am so happy I found you guys. In a less than 3 minutes, I had 4 agents giving me quotes and saving me money!"
- Janice Eastman, Pearland, Texas

"I'm saving over $700 on my insurance costs ..."
- Marion Carville, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Thanks for helping me find the right agent for me!"
- Pat Jurgeson, Essex, Vermont

"I want to thank you for making insurance shopping easy and painless."
- Margaret Flesch, Seattle, Washington

"I lowered my homeowners insurance by almost $500 ..."
- Danielle Morgan, Madison, Wisconsin

"You not only saved me money on my insurance, but time and frustration."
- Zach Sheridan, Casper, Wyoming

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